Oh Lord My God Is There No Help For The Widow's Son ?
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2018-09-02 01:37:48 UTC
Join a lodge they will grateful welcome you. They will explain the principles of Freemasonry. They will show your artifacts from its history. To see if it really interestes you i there words the right direction for you. Then read attend get involved. Being a Freemason is more about who you are than what you were.
2020-01-06 23:28:45 UTC
I will not comment other than to say two things.
1. The only secrets in masonry have to do with recognizing a brother or impressing upon them during thier journey in masonry virtues which are universally good. Faith, hope, and charity being among the most known. Through those secrets we keep faith in one another, hope in mankind and charity towards those in need.

2. An example of what a secret of this type may do...

During the american civil war brother masons routinely held lodge together north and south, laying thier arms on the exterior of the lodge prior.
Also during a battle one general was broughtlow and a signal was given by that generals subordinate and carried to the opposing general, who ceased battle to gather all masons and perform the masonic rites for a fallen brother, enemy or not.

During the Revolutionary war...
Every man of the watch for Washingtons army was a mason, by his own direction due to concerns with alliegance and those secrets were used to ensure the watch was well in the night.
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