Masonry link to Street Gangs?
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I was just wondering do some organizations borrow from Masonry or is
there a coincidence of borrowed symbolism?Because I've found that some
gangs use symbols that are in Masonry and other organizations that
might be linked to Knights of Templar,I just read History Of Secret
Societies.One of my friends who is from Chicago and is a member of
Gangster Disciples Nation or G.D.N confirmed some of his literature,
which is required of all G.DN. members to know,was the same as those
used in Masonry.First the whole gang colors thing.The more powerful
gangs like Bloods,Crips,Ganster Disciples and ViceLords use blue/black
and red/black as their colors to recognize each other and thats how
sometimes you hear about people being killed for being in the wrong
neighborhood wearing the wrong color because they were mistaken as a
rival gang member.But in my book H.O.S.S(See above for full
title)there was an organization in Italy called the Carbonari or
nicknamed forest masons,and the word Carbonari is in some G.D.N
literature,and the main way Carbonari identified each other was
through red/blue/black ribbons they wore and posted on their property.
For the Carbonari black was charcoal which burned fire red for charity
and the smoke was blue for hope.But my friend confirmed the colors
mean the same as I had read, except the colors are now divided into
two classes of gangs red/black vs. blue/black but the symbolism
remains the same.Second G.D.N are also identified as being gangsters
or called "G's" for short and thats what you hear in some rap music,
What up "G" or Ain't nothing but a "G" thang.Also the G.D.N
organization and allied gangs who call themselves "Folks"
all have a six pointed star or jewish star with a "G" in it as their
symbol.Masons have as symbol like a jewish star or five point star
with a G in it,how did this happen?
\ / \ /
\/ G \/ mason symbol
/ \ / \
\ / \ /
/\ G /\ G.D.N symbol
/ _\ / _ \
Now the rival gang to G.D.N. is the ViceLords who are red/black with a
five pointed star and one of their symbols is a pyramid with an eye
above it.
( 0 )
/ \
/ \
/ \
/ _______ \
The masons also have a pyramid with an eye above it
exept its made of a level and square not bricks.
Also in my book HOSS the knight templar were sort of associated
with the Ismailian group of muslims,the assassins.The assassins gave
birth to many other organizations one of them being the thugs or
thugees of India who worshiped Kali the black mother.Now the word
Black One or Black Mother is in G.D.N literature,and is it a
coincidence that most gang members are thought of as thugs.
Well that concludes my long boring speech and if any masons or anyone
wants to answer/reply then do so and mabye you will add more insight
because I want to know what the hell is going on
2019-03-30 14:25:05 UTC
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